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Liver Transplant surgery in india

Frequent Questions related to Liver Transplant

1) What is a liver transplant?

  • A liver transplant is done to remove the defective liver and replace it with a healthy liver from a living donor or a deceased donor. When the liver cannot be controlled with drugs and other treatment options, the damaged organ must be removed from the body. The liver is the largest organ that performs several necessary functions, such as: B. The removal of bacteria from the body, the production of bile, which is necessary for the digestive process in the human body, and many other functions that are necessary for a body to function properly. healthy and other organs. . If the liver does not perform its necessary function, the body can be at risk. Hence, doctors are suggesting liver transplant in India as the last option in life.

2) Under what conditions, may you need a Liver Transplant?

Before explaining further why a liver transplant becomes a necessary option for you, understand the disease or the most common reasons for liver failure.

  • Primary liver cancer such as hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • Liver failure or cirrhosis can result from long-term alcohol abuse.
  • Chronic hepatitis, including hepatitis B and autoimmune hepatitis.
  • A history of tuberculosis and chronic infections such as HIV..
  • Metabolic disorder.
  • Biliary atresia, a disease of the liver in the newborn.
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver

3) What symptoms to look for?
If you have severe liver problems you may notice the following signs and symptoms:

  • stomach pain.
  • Ascites (abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdominal wall).
  • Pedal edema.
  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes.
  • nausea.
  • Vomit.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Pale colored stool.
  • When these symptoms become more severe and your illness is over, a liver transplant is recommended. In addition, your health care professionals will decide whether you are in urgent need of a liver transplant or whether you can wait Examine through scoring system i.e. A model for end-stage liver disease in adults. and the similiar for pediatrics. The higher the score, the more likely you are in need for the transplant on priority. Donated organs are initially offered to recipients with high MELD values.

4) Which are the Best Liver Transplant Hospital In India?

  • Liver transplant surgery available in Our top 15 Hospitals in India. you will experience the world’s best treatment here and a new life to a dying Hope.

Best Liver Transplant Hospitals in India

BLK hospital.5
  • Hospital: BLK Super Specialty Hospital
  • Location: New Delhi, India
  • Established in: 1959
  • Number of Beds: 650
  • Number of Icu Beds: 125
  • Category: Speciality in Liver Transplant
jaypee hospital
  • Hospital: Jaypee Hospital
  • Location: Noida (Delhi Ncr), India 
  • Established in: 2014
  • Number of Beds: 525
  • Number of Icu Beds: 24
  • Category: Speciality in Liver Transplant
narayana hospital bangalore
  • Hospital: Narayana Hospital 
  • Location: Bangalore, India 
  • Established in: 2000
  • Number of Beds: 2500
  • Number of Icu Beds: 250
  • Category: Speciality in Liver Transplant
Fortis-FMRI- gurgaon
  • Hospital: Fortis Memorial Research Institute
  • Location: Gurgaon (Delhi Ncr)
  • Established in: 2001
  • Number of Beds: 300
  • Number of Icu Beds: 98
  • Category: Speciality in Liver Treatment
Global Hospitals Chennai
  • Hospital: Glenageles Global Hospitals
  • Location: Tamil Nadu, India
  • Established in: 1999
  • Number of Beds: 1000
  • Number of Icu Beds: 
  • Category: Speciality in Liver Transplant
apollo chennai
  • Hospital: Apollo Hospitals
  • Location: Chennai (Tamil Nadu), India 
  • Established in: 1983
  • Number of Beds: 560
  • Number of Icu Beds: 46
  • Category: Speciality in Liver Treatment
artemis hospital
  • Hospital: Artemis Super speciality Hospital
  • Location: Gurgaon, India 
  • Established in: 2007
  • Number of Beds: 350
  • Number of Icu Beds: 64
  • Category: Speciality in Liver Transplant
apollo delhi
  • Hospital: Indraprastha Apollo 
  • Location: New Delhi, India
  • Established in: 1996
  • Number of Beds: 1000
  • Number of Icu Beds:
  • Category: Speciality in Liver Transplant
max hospital
  • Hospital: Max Super Speciality Hospital
  • Location: Saket, New Delhi, India
  • Established in: 1989
  • Number of Beds: 252
  • Number of Icu Beds: 67
  • Category: Speciality in Liver Treatment               
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